5 Living Room Lighting Ideas

The living room is the first thing anyone sees when they step into your house, and the room’s lighting is something that makes or breaks the ambiance. The room’s lighting brings out the color of the walls and makes the place look more attractive. In this age, we can use many fashionable ways to light the rooms. Let us talk about five extraordinary living room lighting ideas.

1) Chandelier

A Chandelier is a ceiling centerpiece with many bulb slots to accentuate its classy look. It is one of the most sophisticated decorative lightings of all time. Because of its royal look, it can never go out of style. It can be a little heavy on the pocket but is worth every penny as it is a symbol of luxury and elegance. You can choose from a wide range of styles and designs that suit your taste and your living room decor. Crystal chandeliers, drum chandeliers, mini chandeliers, Sputnik chandeliers, waterfall chandeliers, and hybrid chandeliers are some of the widely popular chandeliers out there.

2) Striped LED Lights

One of the fanciest lighting options in today’s time is the LED lighting ensemble. They are like stripes of led lights that can go well with a false ceiling and help give a good reflection effect on the floor when decorated correctly. You can choose between single-colored or color-changing lights as well that change colors with a remote. These lights can make a dull room glow up and make it look innovative and lively.

3) Spotlights

A spotlight gives a very modern and classy look to the room. It also elevates the room and its look as it reflects with the glossy tiled flooring. It is necessary to distance every spotlight equally far from each other to avoid creating any shadow. Different types of spotlights can change the look of your living room in seconds. Some popular spotlight types are ellipsoidal spotlights, parabolic aluminized reflectors, plano-convex, fresnel spotlights, and follow spotlights.

4) Table Lamp Centerpiece

A centerpiece lamp with lights gives an aesthetic and elegant look to the place with a creative touch to it. You can also add some flowers or decorative items around it. It will showcase a flawless and very presentable look. There are a variety of lamps you could choose from for your living room. These are fluorescent, metal halide, incandescent, tungsten-halogen, high and low-pressure sodium vapor lamps, and many more.

5) Sculpture Lighting

You can have a sculpture made of lights or fit lights inside a sculpted showpiece. There are innumerable different kinds of sculpture lights, also known as art lights. Some are beautiful masterpieces that will blow your mind. You can freely choose from a wide range of designs and modern sculptures and express your love for art while decorating your living space.

Good lighting can completely transform the place, but if not decorated well, can also dull the entire room. Recent studies have shown that room lighting can also affect one’s health. Hence, choosing the right design and brightness level is very important. So choose wisely and live beautifully.