Breaking Down A Bedroom Makeover In 7 Steps

Planning a bedroom makeover may seem difficult initially, with the confusion of where and how to start. Here are seven things you need to keep in mind before you start your bedroom makeover.

Plan your budget

Planning your budget is the first step towards creating the perfect design for your bedroom. A budget plan will help you decide your options, give you a clear picture of what you can afford, and plan accordingly. To outline your budget, you must calculate the amount you are ready to spend, make a list of all that you will need, and make sure you add everything to the list while calculating.

Plan a layout

To plan a layout, take measurements of the room accurately and sketch it out. Sketching would help you decide the placement of the furniture, etc. Prepare a sketch of the room, like a layout, and arrange everything on paper before beginning the process. This will give you a clear picture of how you want the end result to look like.

Consider your needs

Make a list of things you need that you cannot avoid. For example, the bedroom must have a bed. In the same way, make a list of things you must have in the bedroom.

Who would be using the room?

You may be decorating a room for a child, parent, brother, sister, or yourself, so design accordingly. Think of what will be appropriate for them and prioritize their choice over yours. You can suggest what you think would be best for them, but the last call should always be theirs. If you’re designing the room for yourself, then do it according to your personality.

Write a wish list

This differs from the need list. Make a list of all the things you want to include in the bedroom. Try your best to fit all those things into the budget you have planned. Making a list will help you get a clear picture of what theme you would like to have in the room.

Find your style

When people walk into your room, they will perceive your personality with a glance at the room. So choosing your perfect style and theme that will define you is an important task. Think of the kind of person you are or want to showcase yourself to be, and designing will become easier. Your room should bring out the person you are.

Decide the level of natural lighting

Some people prefer a bright room, whereas some like a little low light atmosphere in the room. Both light settings can do wonders with the appropriate furniture choice. The color of the room will depend on the color you give the walls. For example, a bright color will make the natural sunlight pop with a beautiful bright look to the room, and dark color can make the room look romantic with dim lighting.

Put these steps together and give your bedroom that pending makeover. Don’t forget to accessorize and decorate with finishing touches and you are all set to flaunt your new room.