Key Things to Consider when Buying a Travel Luggage

One of the most important decisions travelers can make is which travel bag to buy. Bags come in almost endless sizes, materials and prices. When an exchange is found at such different prices, it is often difficult to determine the relative profits of the exchange.

How to choose the best travel bag:


In a world of carry-on baggage and container space competition, it is important to carefully consider the size of your bag. The standard for international carry-on baggage is 20 inches, but US domestic airlines allow 22-inch suitcases. Smaller bags may be more appropriate if you are traveling primarily overseas and domestically with carry-on baggage. Booking a large suitcase gives you much more freedom in terms of size and shape.


Airlines are becoming stingier weight restrictions. If the suitcase is heavy, that means you can carry less … or you can pay more for the privilege. Anyway, bags made of lightweight materials will help you a lot. Whatever bag you buy, consider packing it as efficiently as possible.


Bags usually have a hard side and a soft side. Hard side bags are more durable and will take more hits if you need to check the bag. Although not usually fully waterproof, hard-edged containers can provide additional protection against rain, puddles, and spills. A soft cloth or silk bag can often be stretched or stretched further around the edges, providing more space with a pinch (or for when buying souvenirs on a trip).


When considering your baggage selection, consider the type of wheel you need. You can choose between a built-in wheel that snaps into your pocket or a roller wheel that attaches to the outside of the case. Swivel casters provide the ability to move the bag sideways. This is useful for narrow aisles on airplanes, but it occupies additional space inside the container. You also have the option of choosing two or four wheels that can add stability to your bag.


You somehow have to carry your bag. The most common approach is a kind of retractable handle. The handle can be a double bar or a single bar. Two-bar handles provide more stability, but often with extra weight.


Everyone wants to feel safe when they can’t see their luggage. Locks can help with that, but they are not absolute. All checked baggage is subject to search, so the TSA can unlock the baggage. However, locks are still a good idea as they can prevent theft in hotel rooms and elsewhere.

Other features

Think about how to use your luggage and what features are important to you. Are you using a piggyback clip or luggage strap to hang your laptop bag on a rolling bag? Do you use a lot of compartments in your pocket? Only you know what you really need.


Have you ever noticed that almost all your luggage is black? Black isn’t as dirty as the other colors, but it’s so common that it’s easy to confuse the bag. If the airline is looking for lost luggage, it is also helpful to have a color (or unique luggage label) that stands out from the crowd.


In your luggage, like life, you get what you pay for. Generally, the higher the price, the higher the quality. No matter how much money you spend, airline luggage handlers can destroy high-quality suitcases in just a few minutes.

We strongly believe in spending money on high-quality baggage, but we believe in buying larger and cheaper bags that need to be replaced immediately after check-in. We recommend that you visit a retail store (such as Target) or a department store to test and see the features contained in the bag. Then buy a bag online to save money and get exactly what you need.


But before you buy, look for an independent review of the bag you are considering. Online stores have reviews, but the best sources may come from fair sources such as luggage boards. These reviews can be invaluable in guiding your decision. But remember, the best luggage is the one that suits you best!